Pro x MR grease

Pro X MR Grease uses polymerization to create a barrier of grease at the contact points which reduces wear, provides corrosion protection and is waterproof.

 (MR) Micro Resistance Polymer Technology –  is the ultimate in protection & performance for cup and cone bearings, cartridge bearings, head set bearings, suspension forks & shocks. With several compound used in aerospace, Pro X formula is lighter viscosity while maintaining higher protection then other greases. Pro X MR Grease has less than 3% VOC’s.

Designed to have the correct tact for bearing to roll and not skip that creates a flat spot. Dumonde Tech’s Pro X Liquid Grease can be used to thin the viscosity of Pro X MR Grease. Does not become sticky due to age and oxidation like inexpensive greases will.

Our MRCC Micro Resistant Complex Compounds have been in development for over 10 years by Dumonde Design Group. MRCC technology provides premium lubrication by reducing friction better than other lubricants. Lighter viscosity while maintaining high protection. The increase in adhesion creates higher film strength. Originally developed for our motorsports lubrication, MRCC, is incorporated into our revolutionary Pro X bicycle lubricants.


MR GREASE reduces resistance and reduces watts used.

MR GREASE is very durable through all riding conditions.

MR GREASE is water proof.

MR GREASE is safe on all parts of a bicycle.

MR GREASE has no shipping restrictions, can be sent any where in the world by air or ground.

MR GREASE  has <3% VOC’s.



$34.95 1oz (30ml)

$97.95 4oz (120ml)

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