Our CR35 rims are designed to handle everything from bikepacking to chasing breakaways at your local road race. Optimized for wider road and gravel tires, it doesn’t matter what medium you’re riding on, our new CR35 has you covered.

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Our new CR35 (Clincher) rims are 35mm deep, making them a good all around rim. Deep enough to provide an aerodynamic advantage while still remaining lightweight without harshness. They feature front and rear specific rims with different layups and there is a 40 gram difference between the two. While both models are 29mm externally, our clincher version has a 22mm internal. Check out our tire and pressure recommendation chart for guidelines which will help you determine which model is best for you.

We worked with a number of manufacturers to collectively produce S136 and P20 steel molds. These long lasting molds allows for the highest tolerances with the smallest possible parting lines. The result is a rim that comes out of the mold nearly blemish free. The mold release used flashes off and you’re left with a scratch resistant surface with the outer layer of resin preserved and the carbon fibers remain undisturbed. Our new layup uses several different types and thicknesses of prepreg which has allowed us to shave weight in low stress areas, while reinforcing the high stress areas.







ERD: 570




ERD: 570


The CR35 leans more towards the ‘skinny tire’ side of the spectrum, but shares the versatility of being gravel/ off road ready. CR35 adds a bead hook into it’s design. The bead hook is essential for higher pressure applications as it prevents blowouts and securely locks the tire to the rim. Those who see themselves running up to 80psi for pavement or hardpacked dirt will benefit from the CR35 over the HR35. The CR35 can still be used in lower pressure applications, but the slightly narrower internal width is better suited for narrower tire sizes. 

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Premium Series Lifetime Warranty

 Buying a set of Nobl’s Premium Series rims (CR35, HR35, TR32, TR37 and TR41) mean’s you qualify for Nobl’s lifetime warranty. 

This means if you manage to break them due to any damage that is deemed a result of a manufacturing defect, you will be offered a replacement rim.  Warranty replacement covers 100% of the cost of the new rim.  Warranty does not cover shipping or labour charges. 

Our crash replacement  policy covers damage that is caused by casing jumps, hitting square edges at speed, backing over your wheel with your van, and of course a gnarly crash. The crash replacement cost is a discount % off the RRP

This coverage lasts indefinitely to the original purchaser.