Cross country isn’t what it used to be. Courses are becoming more technical and more demanding on rider and equipment. The TR32 was designed to handle all of this with poise and confidence enroute to the top step of the podium.

TR32 Factor Wheelset

RRP $2599 pair

TR32 DT350 Wheelset

RRP $2799 pair

TR32 DT 240 EXP Wheelset

RRP $3099 pair

TR32 I9 Hydra Wheelset

RRP $3099 pair

TR32 CK Buzz Wheelset

RRP $3299 pair

TR32 Onyx Vesper Wheelset

RRP $3399 pair

Custom Decals


Nipple and Valve

Various Colours Available

The 2020 TR32 wheelsets use front and rear specific rims, each with a tailored layup to meet the needs of the unique forces the front/rear wheels. They have a ‘sine wave’ shape to aid in side stiffness which is embedded into the molds. Since they are intended for lighter wheel builds, they come in 28h only. The lower profile, sidewall reinforcement, nipple bed design, new mold and profile shape have allowed us to combine everything we loved about our previous XC and Trail rims and combine them into one. The TR32 rim set, matches the weight of a pair of our old narrower TR28 rims while maintaining the versatility and durability of our beloved TR33’s.



  • 28h
  • 29″ only
  • 360g
  • ERD: 600.5

The front rim has the same side stiffness but is about 25% less vertically stiff compared to the rear rim. The slightly wider 27mm internal width to suit a higher volume tire. It’s also lighter weight at just 360g per rim


  • 28h
  • 29″ only
  • 390g
  • ERD: 600.5

The 390g rear rim is reinforced with thicker 3mm hookless “lips” and has more stiffness compared to the front rim which helps to create a more balanced feel between the front and rear wheels. The 26mm internal width works great for 2.2”-2.5” tires.


When designing our new TR32 rims, we wanted to answer one question: What would the perfect BC Bike race rim look like? Surely if a rim could handle 7 grueling stages across BC’s varied terrain it would be the ultimate XC/Trail rim. We’re based out of British Columbia, so when we think of “XC” it means something a bit different. “Cross country” trails are typically more technically demanding than the average and there’s no place for flimsy parts. The TR32 was designed with this in mind.

handling characteristics

Light, svelte and purpose built. The TR32 is right at home on short travel XC and Trail bikes. Offering snappy acceleration and razor sharp handling, the TR32 will take you up hill quickly and provide confident control when railing the descents. Ideally suited for lighter trail tires and XC race tires, the TR32 offers the right amount of compliance to tame the roughest rock gardens. The lighter design also makes it well suited for heavy duty gravel and bike packing applications.

We’re proud of what we do here at NOBL wheels. We put in an extreme attention to detail from start to finish with our rims. Our facilities use industry leading technologies and manufacturing techniques. Iterative improvements are frequently applied to each of our rims. The result is a product that is continually evolving to meet the needs of riders.  It doesn’t stop there. Our wheel building facility in beautiful British Columbia uses a strict and controlled process with wheel assembly. We’ve paired with the best hub and spoke providers in the industry to produce class leading wheelsets at competitive prices. For these reasons we’re confident in our product. We can guarantee that they will offer uncompromising performance ride after ride. We offer two classes of warranty depending on the product series you purchase.

Premium Series Lifetime Warranty

 Buying a set of Nobl’s Premium Series rims (TR32, TR37 and TR41) mean’s you qualify for Nobl’s lifetime warranty.

This means if you manage to break them while riding your bike, you will be offered a replacement rim.  Warranty replacement covers 100% of the cost of the new rim.  Warranty does not cover shipping or labour charges.


If you damage your rims because of non-riding circumstances like melting your rims because it was sitting too close to your vehicle’s exhaust on a road trip, or driving into the car park with your bike on your roof, or use of non butted spokes we’ll give you a discounted charge on a replacement. This coverage lasts indefinitely to the original purchaser.

This coverage lasts indefinitely to the original purchaser.