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Keep on rollin! We have wheels for all styles of riding. From XC to Enduro, Downhill to Cyclocross, we've got you covered.


Bling Bling! Customize your ride with our awesome range of stems, pedals, saddles and more


All the gear and no idea? Why stop now. Add some style to your wardrobe with our quality threads.

“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride”

– Eddy Merckx


N-Spire Saddle

N.Spire is based upon an optimal shape for comfort on long rides, while still providing a cut-out that protects riders from nerve damage. The N.Spire is used by the Polygon UR Team and KS-Kenda Women’s elite racer Jennifer Malik for Enduro and XC applications.

Nobl tr33

Cross country/trail

One of our most versatile rims, the TR33 is right at home with a light 2.2″ XC tire or a burly reinforced 2.5″  enduro tire.

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